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      Since 2009,We continue to create miracles.

      About us
      Winxiangli Marketing Founded in 2009,Ten years experience in marketing industry

      Automation Marketing Worth expect

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      Winxiangli Marketing company provide marketing automation services, so that your business performance soars

      Industry leading Marketing Call Center

      Served many well-known enterprises at home and abroad

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      Winxiangli Marketing company provide Telemarketing Service

      Main service

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      Some customers

      Contact with us

      General headquarters In Nanjing

      Address : Putong Building 2, Taixi Road Pukou district

      Tel: 400-680-6090 86-025-86901648/ 57070580

      Branch company in Beijing

      Add: The Green ground Centre Square Tongzhou in Beijing.

      Tel: 400-680-6090

      Branch company in Shanghai

      Add: No 391, Qingsong Road, Qingpu district , Shanghai.

      Tel: 400-680-609086-

      Branch company in Guangzhou

      Add: Dongying Commercial Park , Tianhe district ,Guangzhou.

      Tel: 400-680-6090 86-020-89563119

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